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 The Mcmmo plugin!

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PostSubject: The Mcmmo plugin!   Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:35 pm

Mcmmo is a great plugin that I recommend. It is best for survival gameplay, which this server is based on. It gives you levels for certain skills, for example:

-Unarmed Combat

It will also give you certain abilities for these skills! This is great for making you stronger for combat and for making you faster at different jobs like woodcutting and mining! Although, after you use these abilities you will no longer be able to use them for 250 seconds. To use these abilities, you simply right-click and then left-click! Although this varies...

-Swords: You must right click first, and then left click on another player or mob!

-Woodcutting: You must right click first, and then left click on some wood!

Mining: You must right click first, and then left click on some stone or ore!

As you can see, this improves survival. I hope that this will be added to the server to make it more enjoyable for everybody! If there is anything you need to know about mcmmo, visit their website.
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PostSubject: Plugin Accepted!   Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:49 pm

This plugin sounds good and I've had it on bukkit servers i use to run! However if the server became pvp (IT ISN'T) i would get rid of it because it can cause what i call unfair pvp to players who are not use to this plugin!

Plugin being added today at about 7pm!
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The Mcmmo plugin!
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